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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Secrets of Successful Resting

Successful racing and successful eating are two topics dear to my heart. But another important factor if one is to be a whippet of character is knowing when to rest. And how to rest.

I'm into power naps. A good power nap should last from about 9pm till 6:30 am, and resume after breakfast. But it is especially important to rest after a big race meet, as you can see here:

Of course, it's also important to have friends who like to rest also. Usually I read my comic books in bed, but I was especially tired the night this picture was taken:

Speaking of naps, I better go now!


  • At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Telly said…

    Smarty - Great blog! I can see that we see muzzle to muzzle on a lot of issues - sleeping, eating etc. I'm not sure what's up with this running business - I'd much rather jump and nip - but I'd like to hear more about it. Can't wait to meet you! ~Tel


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