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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Joke's On Me?

Yesterday we went to a race meet! Fortunately that scary Otis person never showed up. We did get to see that blonde haired kid who owns Wendy – I like him, although I like him better when he brings that nice little girl and her mom with him. And mom [big people call her "Scoche"] got to spend the day with that nice woman who takes care of my sister Lucy. I love going over to her house, it’s non-stop action! Mom must have felt VERY lucky – I can only imagine all the fun they had over there.

But I got to have fun, too. I ran in three races! I wish I’d been able to run in four, but I think my female owner was a little confused.

You see, last week on the way home from a race I got talking to Scrappy. We had just seen Lucy so naturally we were talking about our puppy days. So we were laughing about that time we were all puppies and were running around the house, and I ran right into the kitchen gate! So we were joking around, and so I started limping around – you know, pretending like it had just happened. We were having a blast!

Well, apparently the female owner didn’t like this because she got all upset. In fact, she hardly let me do any running all week! She kept talking about my shoulder. And then all day yesterday I’m hearing them worry about running me in all four programs. And I’m thinking, “It was only a joke! My shoulder’s fine!” And I try to tell them that, but of course they don’t understand. It’s like sometimes they don’t even listen.

So there I am, stuck in the crate during the fourth race! That’s the last time I joke about an injury… I suppose we better add that one to the etiquette list!

Well, I had fun anyway.

Then today, Sunday, was a relaxing day. The owners went away in the morning in their nice clothes, and I stayed home and read the funnies. Can anyone help me understand this one? It doesn’t make sense:

(Click to enlarge)

Why would anyone be that mean? They call this the "funnies"?! Maybe the joke's on me this time, all I know is I'm glad I live in a nice home!


  • At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dearest Smarty,
    You have been quite a successful girl.

    Remember: Girls Rule, Boys Drool (they can be pathetic, no?)

    Yours in sisterhood,
    PS: the human owners, especially the female ones are easily confused an baffled. We can only be understanding and try to humor them. I must admit, I have had my feet soaked far more frequently than is appropriate for any self-respecting whippet.

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