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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Smart Choices

It's good to know that some people still care. After reading my last post, which contains some subtle hints concerning my emotional state, a care package arrived. Some good friends who are moving far away (India, I think) brought over a freezer full of food ... all for me!

I know the food must be for me, otherwise it wouldn't go into the freezer. The way I look at it, if it's in the freezer, it's mine. That's why I get upset when the male owner eats my waffles and ice cream. But, hopefully he'll catch on soon.

These friends also brought some snack foods for me. I'm glad they thought of it, because I've really wanted to develop my snacking skills. The regiment around here doesn't make that easy. Here's what they brought over for me - as you see, it has my name written all over it (not to mention my fat count):

Here's another product that is made just for me, as the name says:

All that healthy stuff gets a little tiring, though. If I want to eat healthy I'll have another helping of tripe. Till then, you could send these my way:

Yes indeed, that's my choice alright! Send some of those my way, and I promise I'll still keep my fat count down. I promise with sugar on top!

* * *

PS: We'll miss you, Haydens! When you get to India, please visit the Taj Mahal and tell me if it's as cool as it looks in the pictures.


  • At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My dear Smarty!!
    Is the Hayden Family is off to India to see someone named Anna? It must be so because I heard someone talk about Indi-anna!!
    Did they include any Weight Watcher's Smart Ones with that snack delivery? They are always readily available in my freezer. The owner of this establishment keeps them but never eats them! Isn't that a hoot?
    Love and Kisses,
    Your sister Lucy


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