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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Street Smart

I learned a new phrase today on TV: street cred.

When you have street cred it means you are a cred-it to your breed. You make other dogs stand up and take notice.

I want some.

The problem is, my owners don't let me go into the street. Usually when we're in the street I have to settle for being in the van... in the very back... in a crate. That doesn't really make anyone stand up and take notice. In fact, sometimes when I get out of the crate, other dogs in the neighborhood scoff at me. You know the type -- those effete snobbish types with their own invisible fence. Hey, at least I have a real fence!

(Did you like how I used the word "effete" in that last sentence? I learned that word on a different TV channel. Some people were yelling at each other about politics. I decided to stay out of that one and changed the channel back to VH1 real quick!)

So anyway, the only time I figure I earn any street cred is when the male owner and I do our "a boy and his dog" thing. He drives the car with the windows down (well, partly down), and I stand up in back, put my head out the window, and let everyone else take notice! I love it most when we drive by those yard-bound pampered types. I get to shout out things like: "I dare you to leave your yard! I double dog dare you!"

It's all in good fun.

But as far as street cred goes, I'm not exactly bankrolled. So I've had to resort to things like earning "yard cred," "couch cred," and "bed cred." While not exactly glamorous, I'm hoping that if I save up enough of these, I can eventually cash it in for some of the real bling.

And if you don't know what bling means, well, what can I say...

(Neither do I.)


  • At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My dear sister Smarty:
    As far as I am concerned, you have all the "cred" you "need!" Anyone that can use the word effate (????) has enough "cred" to "lead!"
    You have quite a command of the language my dear smart sister. I told you they named you Smarty for a reason!!!


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