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Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting Technical

Hopefully you all read my post a week ago about the "communication breakdown" we've been experiencing here at the home. Well, I gave this more thought.

I noticed that each morning the owners tend to get onto the computer nearly as soon as they get up. And I notice that when we go for walks, they often take the cell phone with them. I also noticed when we come home they often check to see if the light is blinking on the answering machine.

So it hit me: these are people who like technology! If I'm going to get their attention, I can't resort merely to barking my head off all the time. Sure, that's the classic canine communication technique, but "classic" can sometimes mean "outdated." If I'm going to get their attention, I need to come out of the stone age and into the 21st century.

So I began communicating by using my deluxe remote resonation device. All you do is bite into this thing and it emits a high pitched signal to the humans, letting them know you need immediate attention.

So far, it does seem to get their attention. But to my chagrin, it hasn't helped get my breakfast to me any quicker. They often want to borrow it, but since they don't know how to use it (it's the latest model and kinda "high tech") they end up just tossing it away in frustration. I bring it back to them, eager to give them another chance, but they tend to just toss it away again.

How do I get through to these people??


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