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Saturday, November 10, 2007

More to the Story, Part One

Welcome once again to the new media. And in case you were wondering -- yes, I am the new media! Although I already have enough responsibilities resting on me, this is another role I'm forced to assume.

Why? Because you just can't trust the mainstream blogosphere anymore. It's not what they say, it's what they conveniently don't say.

For example, the owners' blog recently reported on their "Textbook Baby." You may have seen this picture:

The story seemed believable, especially with the photograph. And of course it was an easy sell because hey, who doesn't love a cute little baby? Invoking the children is a time honored way to reach the masses.

Fortunately I'm assigned the photography duties in the house (I told you I had a lot of responsibilities) because it allowed me to snap a few undercover pics. I can't tell you how I obtained these or they won't trust me to read over their shoulders anymore, but I promise you these are authentic.

Here's the cover of the book they were reading:

Now, I don't understand why this information would be hidden from the reader. It seems something to be proud of. Clearly this baby is being taught what he needs to know about the world in an age-appropriate manner.

Plus, there's even a picture of Scoche inside:

Notice the resemblance?

In fact, here's that same frisbee catch that Scoche did, but from a better angle:

Again, why wouldn't you report these details? Surely that would make the story appeal to a wider audience and, to tell the truth, it would make it a lot less boring.

Speaking of less boring, there are pictures of me in the book too. Here's one that was lifted from my blog:

And you'll notice me in this one, too (hint, I'm the red one):

Actually, that's a bit of an embarrassing picture. All the dogs were running around, but I was busy eating acorns, dirt clumps, old arrow heads, and other things that were laying on the ground... sometimes it's so hard to choose between running and eating! I usually choose eating, though.

So, now you have the whole story. Now you just have to decide -- is the bias you're getting in the mainstream blogosphere intentional, or simply an inattention to details? I'm not sure what I think. Both options are very troubling.

And sad.

After all...

** Stay tuned for part two!


  • At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My dear sister Smarty:
    How in the world do you find time for playing cards and reading comic books with all the work you have to do around the house?
    When will that little boy start dropping some good food from the table? That is when he will be really fun to have around!

  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Ken Shomo said…

    He "drops" plenty of food, very unexpectedly, trust me!


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