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Friday, September 07, 2007


Is there a babysitter's union?

Monday was Labor Day, which seemed to mark my transition from carefree gazehound to a more "responsible" young animal.

I'm not sure what the word "responsibility" means. I used to think it was a scientific word that involved being responsive to the proper stimuli. And believe me, I've always felt pretty good about how I respond to stimulating events. I'm quick on my feet, as they say.

But apparently the word means something different, something that has to do with household chores and allowance. For this reason, I've been very busy these last couple weeks -- especially taking pictures of this new little human. You've probably noticed how many pictures of him are on the owners' website -- those didn't just get there by magic! Yes, once again, my opposable dewclaws come in "handy."

I'll tell you what gives me a little hope, though... did you see this picture?

Yes... with that set of wheels, this could one day be a beautiful relationship! If that little vehicle can get up to about 35 miles per hour - and I think it can, based on the times the male owner has raced it downhill - there could be some very nice advantages to having this little guy around!

The babysitter will become the babysat.

And that may indeed be the case... look at this:

For now, though, let's just hope that this shirt fits someone around here! All this sitting is making me itch for a little more walking... or running... or for that matter, even skipping, dancing, or flipping. Hey, I'd even do agility. Just get me out of this "sitting" mode for a little while!


  • At 1:34 PM, Anonymous grace said…

    smarty, you're going to have to pick up something like "myspace" or "facebook" that can turn sitting into a sport! oh the endless possibilites!

  • At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sis:
    All I can tell you is that you are one lucky Whippet. The food that little tyke is going to drop will keep you going until he can manage a fork and knife! I hear that takes a while too! Oh... they like to throw food so position yourself correctly and it will be a food fest! Hey, maybe next year I can come for summer vacation. By then that little guy will be hauling lots of burger over the high chair.


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