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Friday, June 22, 2007

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Strolling through the neighborhood to find furry friends is a favorite pastime here.

By the way, I define "pastime" as "cemented routine that we deserve and demand." For this reason, Scoche and I wake up promptly at 6am to beat the heat for this daily "meet and greet." We give the owner until 6:20 to wake up. After that, it's pastime indeed!

Once we wake him up, he stretches and flaps -- no, wait a minute, that's what we do. He just stretches...a little bit...somewhat unimpressive, actually. Then, after some of his delay tactics, takes us out for the aforementioned stroll.

There's always something worth seeing...

See what I mean?

Or not?

If you can't see what we see... you might need to get outside and take a look! In fact, you are welcome to join us, just show up at 6am any day of the week. If we're not outside by 6:20, feel free to knock on the door, ring the doorbell...really, whatever it takes. In fact, we'd appreciate it!


  • At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, Smarty - I am giving this blog thing a try, but only because you have forced me into it!! I am NOT the anonymous commenter. At first I thought you must know another LG - but then we got Ken's note and I knew I was in trouble. Please don't hold me responsible for anything said anonymously (i.e. I would never call your owners your servants because I think that would come dangerously close to violating the 5th commandment not to mention Genesis 1:26-28). Anyway, have a great day - we miss you all! ~Leslie

  • At 8:21 AM, Blogger Aubrey said…

    I am also discovering how much I like to see our "neighbors" when we go on walks. In addition to the one you saw on the tree, I also saw a few other ones, like the kind of furry animal that hops a lot (which my owner wouldn't let me chase) and then when we came our yard was a cat! Don't worry, though, I chased it right away.

    Lucy (Pilgrim)

  • At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    There are a lot of cool creatures in my neighborhood, too, but my human won't let me chase them. Oh, well, it's nice to look.


  • At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Creatures...creatures...creatures! We have them all but I only get to look from a distance because I am always connected to that thing called a LEASH. I wonder if the lady around here would let me off that thing just once to chase a few creatures!! Hey Smarty...who invented the leash?


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