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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Racing with the Stars

Marlton, New Jersey.

I wanted to do some "live blogging" from the race so everyone could keep up with the action in real time, but they kept putting me into my crate without a computer and - here's the worst part - locking me in! I prefer if I'm going to be in a crate to have the freedom to come and go as I please. You know, get some chips and soda, watch one of the other races, maybe wander over to the little league games and chase a ball. It's too easy to fall asleep when you're stuck in those crates - they're so comfortable (if properly padded)! It's all I can do to keep focused for the next race.

Well anyway, it was quite a day. One of the things that had all the reporters abuzz was that Scoche came out of retirement to race!

I am actually only assuming there were reporters and that they were abuzz; as you now know, I was not allowed to enjoy my leisure time between races. You know what they say about "assuming" - it makes for good journalism!

This picture was from Scoche's second race. For the first race they honored her career with giving her the #1 racing blanket. She placed a respectable third in that race, so she got to wear the #3 blanket this time. I think that's how it works. At the next race she'll be wearing a #14 because she finished the day... oh, I forgot, she doesn't want me to tell you. She must not want to toot her own horn. She's so sophisticated!

Speaking of which, look at camp director George looking snappy in his Smarty Gear:

He was clearly dressed for success. However, to his disappointment, I didn't win the race... but his very own Lex did! So, big congratulations to George and Lex:

George was also deflecting praise, claiming that Lex did all the work. That's not true, though. As all whippets know, the humans do the work and the whippets just show up for a good time.

I know that's not the most flattering picture of me... Although I love to give affection, I get confused about where to put my legs for those "group hugs." So, I kinda blew it, but my intentions were good (as always).

I'm more of a one-on-one affection provider. Others are much better at the whole "group affection" thing, so I'm happy to let them show off their talents...

Like I said, they do the work. We just show up and have a great time!


  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Smarty said…

    Did you notice, by the way, that Lex won his race wearing the same #3 jersey that Scoche wore? But he wore it inside out, which you may have noticed!

  • At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I think that Scoche is #1!



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