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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lefty Behind

I've had so many good playmates this past year. One of them was the little red pup pictured below.

His name is Lefty and it turns out that he's my half brother. That's pretty cool because I never had a brother before, so even a half is greatly appreciated.

Now you may wonder, "What's a half brother?"

I wonder that too. At first I thought it referred to his size. But then I realized I have another half brother who lives in Atlantic City. So maybe somehow you put the them together and it makes a whole brother?

Oh, brother.

Well, anyway, what I really wonder about it where all these half brothers and whole sisters go when they leave here. Who (or half who) would want to leave here? We have food, a backyard, a nice freezer full of food, mom is here (even if a little aloof), a computer, food service, squirrel sightings, breakfast and dinner...

Of course, I know what Lucy is doing -- she's training for the olympics:

But what about Lefty? Where did he go?

Well, it turns out he graduated! Isn't that exciting? This is him... he's the one just left of center, the little guy (hmm, maybe that is what half brother refers to after all).

So now I predict the next question is "graduated from what?"

That's another tough question... In fact, when Ifirst saw the picture I thought it was Lefty with his stuffed toy collection. I knew it didn't quite make sense with all those humans dispersed through the photo, but that one to the far right really threw me off.

So I kept wondering, where did Lefty graduate from and who are all those strange looking creatures with him?

Then I was watching TV and saw a documentary called "Star Wars." It's all about these Jedi Knights from all different planets. And I thought, by looks of it, maybe Lefty became a Jedi. It would kind of fit his personality... he was always kind of thoughtful, wise... but most of all, it would explain all those funny creatures who graduated with him.

Congratulations, Lefty!

And remember, with great power comes great responsibility! Wait, that's from another movie... Well, use your force wisely!


  • At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow Smarty!!
    It only seems right that Lefty might be my half brother too? Is the other half brother named Righty? Lefty is a real Smarty just like you because he graduated!! I wonder if Righty is a Smarty?
    Your Right and Left Sister, Lucy!!


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