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Monday, November 06, 2006

Camp George

I’m back!

And what a week it was at Camp George! I had the privilege of spending one on one time with the director of the camp, George Allen. No, not that George Allen:

This George Allen:

We played Nintendo together, made S’mores, listened to country music, and cooked shish kebobs! I can’t wait to go back. For now, I’m just resting back at home, doing a little channel surfing…

And it’s important that I get that rest, too, because there’s apparently a big race coming up.

Now, no one has gone out of their way to inform me about the race (ahem), but there are some tell tail signs.

First, when I’m channel surfing through the cable news stations, I keep hearing about races going on all over the nation. Apparently a lot of races are happening, and they’re “close.” So, lots of races nearby – now that sounds like fun!

Also, just before I left Camp George something intriguing happened. George and I were eating chocolate sundaes and playing Twister, and suddenly all the power went out. At first I thought it was a trick on George’s part, since I was winning. (Hint: it’s all in the tail.) He said he called the power company, but I didn’t hear him talk to anybody – and you would think that surely they would answer the phone in case of emergency.

Then I figured it out: Sometimes big sports events have “blackout dates.” This is something else I learned from channel surfing. So, this blackout was just another sign that a big event was coming soon – and what could be bigger than a multi-venue, no-holds-barred, championship national patriotic whippet straight race extravaganza?!

Now I’m getting very excited.

And I just heard on TV that George Allen is running! Wow. I hope he can do a little better at the races than he did at Twister. Does he realize that it really takes four legs to break out of the box properly? I let him use his hands in Twister, but even if they let him do that in the straight race – well, to be honest it might look a little silly. But I wouldn’t put anything past him. The TV says that he has quite a reputation in the South, so he must have done something right!

Well, I better go get some more rest. The big races are getting really close now – they may even be tomorrow, if I understand this Colbert fellow correctly. And they say a big turnout is expected, so I hope to…

See you at the races!


  • At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Smarty is very clever and very funny! Please keep it up, Smarty!

  • At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow...Dear Sister Smarty!
    Camp George sounds like fun! Twister is my favorite. I am glad you are back home!

    I wonder if George Allen raced over the weekend. TV showed a bunch of undernourished humans in underwear run over many bridges. The lady of our house kept chanting 26.2!
    There was not a Whippet in sight so how important a race could it have been?


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