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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Take Your Whippet to Work Day

Did I ever tell you about my visit to my owner's "workplace"?

I always assumed that if she left me at home all alone all day - well, with Scoche (sorry) - she must be doing something very important that she can't do here. Fighting fires was my first guess, working as a double agent to break up covert criminal cells was my second.

Well, it turns out that she works from home! Only not from our home! Here's her building:

I'm not expecting any fire engines to come roaring out of that door. It's a house!

Well, that didn't quite rule out the covert operation theory. But then we actually got to go inside - and look at what I saw, to my complete astonishment:

She's in an office on a computer!!

What's odd about that, you ask? That's what she does here! In fact, she was even on the same websites.

This doesn't make any sense. Why would she leave me all alone all day only to go off to another house with another computer? I've always been of the understanding that the world revolves around me. I don't think this is a pride issue, it's just a matter of simple observation. But this part doesn't fit.

But if the world doesn't revolve around me...

No, that just can't be it. Too many other things fit that pattern, so why abandon a perfectly reasonable worldview over one little doubtful discovery? Hmm... Maybe this is what the owners mean by "faith."

Either way, I'll get to the bottom of this mystery, just you wait!


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