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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lost in America

Well, you may have recently read something on my owners' blog concerning a recent road trip. You may have read something about their trip, the baby, and some of the people they visited.


Once again, there's more to the story. Specifically, there were two other travelers involved who apparently were lost in the shuffle. Me and Scoche!

Granted, we had the "cheap seats" -- sometimes referred to as "crates" -- and did not publicize our travels with all sorts of fanfare. And granted, we didn't know we were going on a trip and were caught off guard: I didn't bring anything to read, any snacks, or my compass. Scoche always travels light, which makes it easier for her to brood and strategize; but even she was caught off guard and her thinking cap hadn't been fully charged. So we spent a lot of time trying to figure out just where it was we were going.

I suggested Switzerland. Not only was it somewhere we'd never been (and our owners tend to end up in new places quite frequently), but I also noticed that the longer we drove the more hilly it became.

We were finally let out of the van and given some clues. Switzerland was ruled out swiftly:

The nice trees also proved my second guess - the Bahamas - wrong. We were clearly in either the United States or at least among allies. Which probably meant we were still in the States. Perhaps Alaska? Maybe the Virgin Islands, are they part of the United States?

The scenery actually looked somewhat familiar, however. There was a sense we had been here before... Those sidewalks... those squirrels... those colorful trees...

Wait, don't tell me! I remember this one!

Scoche finally figured it out.

Yes, it was indeed New Jersey! I was just about to say that, or at least something that rhymed with it.

Doggonnit! Why does Scoche always win these games? Even on the way up, Scoche won the license plate game. I couldn't see a thing out my crate, but Scoche just kept rattling off one state after another. She said she saw license plates from all fifty states, plus a few from other countries and even one from the moon!

Scoche is so smart.

No wonder Bo likes her so much!


  • At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hmmmm....New Jersey and I missed my favorite sister! But I did meet that cute little guy that lives with you now. I waited for him to drop some crumbs but they didn't even feed the poor guy any real food!


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