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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

House Hunters

Housing costs in New Jersey must be very, very low.

As I reported earlier in the month, I discovered that my female owner has a whole different house she lives in during the weekdays. Then, I slipped into the back seat of the male owner's car and followed him one day... and guess what? He has a second big house of his own, too! It's quite large, with a big bonus room for entertaining guests on Sundays.

He has another collection of books there, too. Doesn't he have enough here? It takes me long enough to color through one book, let alone 50 or 100. On the other hand, pop-up books don't take as long to read - although in that case, I usually try to read through them more than once. So I don't know what he needs all these books for, it seems that his life isn't so complex: make some coffee in the morning, read email, take me for a walk... it's not rocket science.

But here's a question: With housing costs obviously so low, why can't this family pictured below do a little better? As it is, they have constructed a little rickety home in our front yard:

Here are my theories... First, it looks like they have a lot of animals. If they feed raw, it might be that this has to be deducted from their housing budget. Also, all those animals would seem to incur some cleaning costs. Cleaning costs must be quite high in New Jersey because the male owner's "other" home office was a wreck... and I'm sure that if he had the choice he would like someone to tidy things up.

I'm not sure if the angel is very expensive or not, since I haven't studied up on the supply and demand. But I've heard that everyone gets at least one for free. I guess it depends if it's a Guardian Angel or not. Perhaps certain exotic breeds are more pricey; I'll have to check that out on Amazon.

It looks like there's a new baby in this family... now, that might deduct from the housing budget. But I've heard rumor about this baby that no crying he makes, so he can't be too hard to care for. Plus, it looks like he received some pretty nice gifts.

In any case, I'm wondering if we should invite them in...

Merry Christmas!


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