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Monday, March 17, 2008

Party Animals

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It's time to reveal the winner of the Birthday Puzzler!

Oh, wait a second. We only had one response. This might put my plans for a talk radio show on hold, at least temporarily, while I gauge my ability to ask provocative questions. It's too bad, because I've always wanted to be a "shock jock," but it looks like perhaps I'm too nuanced. I guess as I get older I'm becoming more fit for NPR than for AM radio.

Wait! Did that just say "as I get older"? That's right! My birthday was on Saturday!

However, if you answered "Smarty" to Saturday's Birthday Puzzler, you don't win the Big Prize. The answer, like the question, is far more nuanced than that.

Let's review clue #2:

You notice there are three animals in this picture.

Well, there was not just one birthday on Saturday but four! (Do you feel the nuance yet?)

The three pictured above are Holly, Lucy, and Me. Below is the original picture that the cartoon is based on:

We're obviously far cuter in the original picture. "Artist's renderings" just don't quite capture it!

You'll notice if you look very closely that there's a fourth puppy who is dodging the camera - that's Pinch. Her birthday was the fourth one on Saturday. But why is her back to us? I guess she didn't want to be in the picture - she was always a little more shy than she let on.

Notice that the cartoon makes Holly look somewhat sad. Actually, she's not sad, she's just thoughtful. The cares of the world - you know, poverty, war, the urgent need for universal pre-K - tend to occupy her mind. Here is a rare photo (actually, one of about 923) from her early days:

Too much New York Times, that's what I always say. The rest of us never let the whole universal pre-K thing distract us from a good party!

So, happy birthday sisters! Isn't growing up fun?


  • At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Smartee!
    It is WE! Your sisters are three, two! I mean I mean too...uhh, also?
    Love that hat!

  • At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Oh, pooh! How did I miss the nuance of the clue?

    Well, you do look very cool in your birthday hat! And, I do look rather pensive in my photo...maybe it was a premonition of New England winters. But, I was out catching the frisbee in the yard today, so all is well up here!



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