Smarty Spot

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beachfront Property

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window one day last week to see that we had suddenly acquired a home on the water!

When I looked in the basement, I found out we not only had a view of the water but we had some of our very own to play in! I'm not allowed in the basement per se, so I wasn't able to make much use of our new little swimming area. Plus, my water wings were deflated... along with my hopes.

Until later in the week. After dropping Scoche off at the happiest place on earth, My owners took me on a surprise shopping trip for what appears to be a southern outpost we'll be purchasing! I overheard that this relates to the male owner's work... Since his main job is walking me, it makes sense that he'd be trying to find some nice new scenery for me.

When we arrived down south, we got a small room in a hotel. It was cozy. The owner said it was "dirt cheap" and that if you carefully analyzed both those words you'd have a full picture of this particular hotel... It was fine with me although my paws seemed to get muddy just from walking around inside.

This place did have some nice water nearby, though...

The water was a nice touch indeed, but the problem was that it was already occupied by some rather curious creatures.

I'm not sure exactly what genus or species these are, but I think they're known by locals as "teenage mutant ninja ducks." I considered fighting them for swimming rights, but again the problem with the water wings. No fair that they already have wings!

So next we check out this place:

This I like. I may not be able to swim, but I'm pretty sure I can surf! I surf the net all the time, and plus surfing is really, really cool so I can only assume I can do it no problem.

Plus, chicks really dig surfers.

Oh, wait a minute, I am a chick! (I always forget that... how embarrassing!)

Well, I'm back home now. But I look forward to another chance to check out the waves!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Team Smarty

Saturday I had a chance to go racing. The picture above is me (I'm the shorter one), posing for the cameras before the commencement ceremonies.

Did you notice the new gear developed for our staff? Take a look:

That's just to make sure we all know what team we're on! Or, to be more accurate, to know who's boss!

And it's important to know who's boss, because you wouldn't guess it from the way the boss is sometimes treated!

Believe it or not, that's the way they try to get me warmed up for the races. What's up with that? Truth is, it's simply hard to find good help these days. Team Smarty may have nice uniforms, but they can be a little forgetful... or maybe it's just that they like to socialize more than work... Either way, they were not doing their job and taking me to the boxes!

At least not on my time table.

Prior to this photo I was expressing myself loudly and clearly, but to no avail. So I decided to ignore them, play it cool, use a little reverse psychology, hoping this might coax them back to work.

And it seemed to work, because once I was quiet they seemed a bit more willing to get down to business. I think it's because they thought they broke my will!

Well, they learned soon enough that my will was strong as ever. I was able to start barking out orders once again:

You have to understand, we were a little behind schedule by this point. My clear instruction had been to let me out of my crate immediately upon arrival. I cannot put up with so many delays!

It's hard to find good help these days.