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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Power of the Pout

Scoche recently convinced me about the power of the pout. She had told me of this unique ability before, but I was skeptical. Pouting didn't seem to match my carefree persona, and its power seemed but a legend that only the older whippets believed anymore. But it turns out that the power is real! And it's potent stuff.

For example, I used to go outside now and then... But Scoche told me put my best paw forward and pout it out - and sure enough, pouring on the pout got me outside much more quickly. Fortunately it's been sunny because the one thing pouting doesn't seem to do is get me back inside... but I'm still a novice. Pouting also gained me bonus affection time last night, and today pouting was the pathway to a nice long walk!

I guess I should've listened to mom sooner. Truth be told, I actually only stumbled across this though... One day I was trying to see if I could touch my tail with my ears (don't ask why, it just seemed like something I should be able to do) and I strained my eyebrow muscles. Just then, one of the owners ran over and immediately began consoling and loving on me.

I found this very interesting indeed.

Now, I'm not going to be one of those whippets that goes pouting about the house all the time. No, this is just one more tool in the Smarty toolkit. Or perhaps I should say one more warhead in the Smarty arsenal!

In fact, it's best not to use this "nuclear option" too often. Why, just the other day I mentioned moving to Virginia -- remember that? And suddenly, today, everything's being boxed up! Meanwhile I'm boxed in -- the backyard, that is. I've actually had to make this post with my blackberry (raspberry? crunchberry? I forget what these things are called) while I peer in the window and watch the man box up the-- HEY! That's my food bowl!

Well, I better go, I've clearly got some pouting to do to remedy this situation. But if we're really on our way to Virginia, I have to say, pouting is powerful indeed. Maybe too powerful. Am I ready for the responsibility that pouting brings with it?

I think I'm about to find out!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Lately I've been chewing over some thoughts.

Maybe it's time for a change... maybe it's time for a new adventure. So I started thinking, if I could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

At first I thought, perhaps a chalet in the Alps. I seem to run best when it's a little cool outside, and I love to entertain. But then I realized, well, I actually only like to entertain -- because sometimes hosting others at my pad gets a little uncomfortable (as you can see, there really is only room for one).

So then I thought, my second choice would be Disneyland. That would seem like a very happy place to live. But I'm not sure there's much racing there, and I certainly wouldn't want to dress up in some animal costume.

My third choice would probably be Virginia. We visited there recently and it seemed like a friendly place. My fourth choice would be Petsmart, because it seems like there would be a lot of things to do there, and my fifth choice would be underwater.

Anyway, these are just things I've been thinking about.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Racing with the Stars

Marlton, New Jersey.

I wanted to do some "live blogging" from the race so everyone could keep up with the action in real time, but they kept putting me into my crate without a computer and - here's the worst part - locking me in! I prefer if I'm going to be in a crate to have the freedom to come and go as I please. You know, get some chips and soda, watch one of the other races, maybe wander over to the little league games and chase a ball. It's too easy to fall asleep when you're stuck in those crates - they're so comfortable (if properly padded)! It's all I can do to keep focused for the next race.

Well anyway, it was quite a day. One of the things that had all the reporters abuzz was that Scoche came out of retirement to race!

I am actually only assuming there were reporters and that they were abuzz; as you now know, I was not allowed to enjoy my leisure time between races. You know what they say about "assuming" - it makes for good journalism!

This picture was from Scoche's second race. For the first race they honored her career with giving her the #1 racing blanket. She placed a respectable third in that race, so she got to wear the #3 blanket this time. I think that's how it works. At the next race she'll be wearing a #14 because she finished the day... oh, I forgot, she doesn't want me to tell you. She must not want to toot her own horn. She's so sophisticated!

Speaking of which, look at camp director George looking snappy in his Smarty Gear:

He was clearly dressed for success. However, to his disappointment, I didn't win the race... but his very own Lex did! So, big congratulations to George and Lex:

George was also deflecting praise, claiming that Lex did all the work. That's not true, though. As all whippets know, the humans do the work and the whippets just show up for a good time.

I know that's not the most flattering picture of me... Although I love to give affection, I get confused about where to put my legs for those "group hugs." So, I kinda blew it, but my intentions were good (as always).

I'm more of a one-on-one affection provider. Others are much better at the whole "group affection" thing, so I'm happy to let them show off their talents...

Like I said, they do the work. We just show up and have a great time!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Smart Shopper

One way I remember I'm a girl is that I'm a smart shopper. But did you know that dogs aren't allowed in most grocery stores? I've often wondered why, but I think it's because the owners like to keep things a surprise for us... they like small surprises.

However, sometimes if you just act like you belong and don't make too much of a scene you can buy a few things real quick. It sometimes takes them a while to catch on that you're not human, especially if you're carrying one of those little baskets and have a coupon book.

So I bought my mom (Scoche) a card with an appropriate sentiment...

I only had moments to find her a good gift, but I was able to make off with these...

It's too bad dogs aren't allowed to shop more often. I consider myself a pretty intelligent shopper. Look at the size of these treats that I bought Scoche compared to what the owners buy:

Not even a competition!! Like I said, the owners like small surprises. I like big ones! And if dogs were allowed to shop more often, the economy would boom, trust me.

Now, I haven't started Sunday School yet (another place where you have to be careful about being "outed" as a whippet, though sometimes they're more lenient), but I understand there's a Bible verse that says something like "it's better to give than to receive." So I wonder if one could say it's even better still to give and receive? Because I certainly did both in this case.

Now, someone will need to explain this one to me: The female owner was also given a mother's day gift. But I didn't know that guy who takes me for walks is her son! He seems a little older than her, too... But you know, I have a lot to learn about the facts of life.

Fortunately, I have a good mom who can teach me! Even though sometimes she's a little embarrassed to discuss such things...

* * *

SPECIAL NOTICE: The "hound dog" award this month goes to Leslie G., who keeps hounding me to post new updates. Hey, being a whippet is not as easy as it looks! There's a lot to do each day... and then it's off to camp again...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Give 'Em An Inch...

There are certain things in life that should never get smaller.

1. Breakfast portions.
2. Dinner portions.
3. Appliances used to store breakfast and dinner.
4. Number of cable cartoon and nature channels.
5. Number of windows and dog beds in any given house.

And, while I thought it was obvious, I guess I need to add this to the list:

6. The size of the yard!!

Here is - or was - our yard:

Nice, huh? But now look what they did:

This is not a good direction to go. You should make the yard bigger, not smaller!

So, this is me in our new "yard"... Notice that I'm not running, but eating (before those portions get reduced, too!) -- if I run, I bump into the fence after only a few strides.

Do you like that dog bed, though? Like I said, you can never get enough of them! Of course, they might try to start shrinking these too... that could get very uncomfortable.

So what is it with humans and fences? Don't they understand that when dogs run up to the fence it's not because they like the fence, it's because they want to get to the other side?

Let me out!!